Friday, 20 April 2007

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

10 things I didn't know about llamas a week ago

1. Llamas are part of the camel family
2. Llamas need to be kept with other llamas or livestock. You cannot keep a single llama on its own
3. Never hand rear a llama
4. Baby llama are called cria
5. Llamas can be trained to be halter led
6. Llamas communicate with each other by humming
7. Llamas are naturally curious
8. LLamas have toes
9. LLamas eat grass and hay and have three stomachs
10. The French word for llama is lama.

Monday, 16 April 2007

llamas 2

Still keen on llamas! I have read a lot about them now! Of course they are not as straightforward as they first seem and we must make sure we get the right type of llamas to start with! Think we will have to go for two gelded and halter trained young boy llamas and if we like them we may later go for breeding females. Of course the first problem is that the land has no trees and in the summer it is pretty hot! LLamas can get heat stress so one of the first things to think about will be to plant some trees to provide shade and also to investigate if there is a water source on the land so that we can create a pond. Apparently one corner is always a bit damp so maybe there is some underground water. We will need to get the local water diviner to check it out! Ian seems to think that acacia trees are the best as they are fairly fast growing. Planting the trees is not too expensive but we think providing a frame to protect them from the local bambis may be a bit more pricey! Its a lot to sort out in out two week holiday!

Thursday, 12 April 2007


I have decided that my future may lie with llamas! Ian has some land in France and plans to build a house there. Plans after that were a bit uncertain and I guess still are, although while he was over in France over Easter taking a look I had an epiphany moment about llamas. As the land has an agricultural tie if we live there we need to use it for something. The original plan had been to keep horses, but I have no great interest in them, or to buy a few sheep (likewise and I am not sure why you would keep them if you don't want to shear them or eat them). I don't know how I hit on llamas but I was reading about them and they sounded so ideal. Easier than horses, prettier than sheep, slightly unusual and a number of potential avenues from breeding to trekking, or just to look at! I am in love with them already but admit to never having met one in the flesh so am planning to take Ian on 'walk with llamas' session at a local llama park to make sure we both like them in the flesh. I really hope we like them!