Friday, 12 April 2013

A jolly hiking holiday-Sepia Saturday 172

These photographs were knocking around in my mother's wardrobe for years. They bear the scars as both are rather damaged. When I was a child I used to sneak into my parent's room and go through all the photographs in the wardrobe. They contained pictures of my parents before they met each other and before I was born, and were full of fascination.

This group of walkers looked relaxed and happy. The man on the left is my father but the woman next to him is not my mother! She never knew who she was .."just someone he knew before he met me!" (Apparently in his younger days there were plenty of women that were interested in him!)

Thus is the same group, looking very fit and healthy. They could almost be in an advertisement for a health cure!

I'm not sure where they are but my guess would be either the Isle of Wight or Jersey.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Any Ideas?

There are some really pretty flowers in the meadow. I know they are pretty but I really haven't got a clue as to what they are. Does anyone know?

This little patch was on the bank of the stream. I caught a glimpse of the purple flash through the undergrowth and came back later with my camera. There were only one or two patches of it.

There were quite a few of these in the meadow. They are very delicate, and in the daylight look a little more pink than mauve. They have a long stem and a frond type of leaf.
Edit: Thanks to my friend Naomi for the following:
The top one is a toothwort but not sure what kind and the bottom one is cuckoo flower, sometimes called ladies smock.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Arundel Castle 1955 -Sepia Saturday 171

1955... Looking at the photos in my mother's old album I think it was the year she met my father as he appears for the first time. However, there were also pictures of family outings and holidays. These photos of Arundel Castle and High Street were taken as part of a trip to West Sussex, with my mother and her parents. She would have been 25 at the time and I assume she was the photographer.

Arundel Castle 1955

Arundel High Street 1955

Views from Arundel Castle

When I used to go on mountain bike rides we went all over the South Downs and ended up in or near Arundel on several occasions. From what I remember it hasn't really changed much in 50 years.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Two more signs of spring

Daisy- 31 March 2013