Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Wrapping up

The weather is turning a little and rain is forecast for the rest of the week. This is very much needed but means outside jobs are on hold now until after we come back from our 10 days in UK. Our last job before the rain was to finish wrapping the garage in its breathable membrane to protect the OSB.

As you can see all doors and windows are now in as well, so the garage is watertight and secure. The next job is to paint the floor (as once everything is in there it will never get done), render the concrete blocks at the bottom and batton and clad the outside. Then we should be able to move our boxes out of storage and the tools out of the house!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


This couple appeared in the front of the house yesterday. They are hoopoe and are common here around springtime. I had just attempted to mow our apology for a lawn and I guess there must have been a lot of insects around! The photos are pretty poor as I had to take them through the kitchen window before the birds flew off. I think they are nesting in our neighbours roof.

We also have a bird nesting in the tower and one trying to nest in the garage. Spring is here!

I planted my onions and potatoes last week. The vegie patch has been increased by a third in size and I reckon is now big enough to feed two people, although the soil will need a couple more years before it is properly workable.