Sunday, 23 November 2008

Seasonal affective disorder

It's a cold, sleety, grey, dark miserable day in London in that depressing period leading up to Christmas; where your exposure to natural light reaches dangerously low levels! I am trying to think of some positive things to do to lighten the mood.
1. Go on a bike ride (but probably a bit too cold to make it bearable)
2. Make a cake (requires walking up the hill to buy some eggs)
3. Do my French homework.
4. Do some work work such as marking (but this will just make me feel more depressed.)
5. Write my Christmas blog entry.
6. Do Ian's ironing (see 4.)

Only number 1 will significantly affect my exposure to daylight!


Anonymous said...

But Ian doesn't have any ironing to do - the Ironing Lady did it on Friday ;-)

Lovely's Blot said...

Creative licence! Lxxx