Sunday, 9 August 2009

A belated post 2.... arriving

After a long drive we arrived at the house just after dark, unpacked, made the bed and fell asleep. It was humid and we were both a little over tired by the time we laid down and so it was a bit of a restless night. In the early hours the lightning flashes woke us up, followed quite shortly afterwards by thunder and heavy rain. I tried to go back to sleep but Ian was awake and leaped out of bed. I don’t know how long he was away for but he was stark naked, wandering around with only his wellington boots and a torch. When he finally came back to bed he was playing with his phone.
“What are you doing?” I moaned.
“just been down to the cellar... took a video of the water pouring in through the walls”
Despite the new guttering the damp problem has still not been solved!
Today it has rained all day but the forecast is more promising! (Even the sunflowers didn’t bother to wake up today!)

(actually the didn't wake up for the entire three weeks as they are ripe and now drooped over and turning black in anticipation of being harvested)

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