Monday, 5 October 2009

The parakeets of London

Ian’s mother lives in North Cray, just inside the M25, to the South East of London. Her bungalow backs on to a meadow that is usually full of horses and she has a lovely view from her garden. However, there are some rather unusual birds in the area that are not known to be native. The trees echo to the squawks of a troop of parakeets and the brightly coloured birds hurtle around her garden from tree to tree.

A couple of weeks ago Ian and I went for a walk in Foots Cray meadows and I saw some there, nestling in the chestnut trees. I tried to take a photograph and if you look very closely you may just see their outline hidden in the trees!

Apparently, despite their exotic appearance they have been breeding and living happily in London for years, unbothered by the less than tropical climate!

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Michael House said...

I remember seeing them around the Thames, possibly Kingston area, many years ago