Monday, 27 September 2010


The Universe works in mysterious ways as no sooner had I changed the banner at the top of the blog to demote the llamas to a less prominent position, they suddenly re-inserted themselves into my consciousness! I occasionally do a Google search of 'llamas for sale' and this time I spied someone selling a whole herd for a very reasonable price on the condition that the herd stayed together. Obviously an opportunity too good to miss and a quick email established that they had not been claimed. However, here is where the present interfered with our plans for the future as this news coincided with the weekend that Ian was finally moving out of his flat.

I arrived at his house on Friday evening. "I'm nearly packed; just a few bits of wood to remove from the loft tomorrow" said Ian; so with that I drifted off to sleep imagining some light packing, moving and cleaning the following day! Well, the few bits of wood turned out to be a loft full of tools, boxes, old cupboards etc and with 20 minutes to go until the new tenant arrived, we were still removing them from the loft! It really was like a scene from one of those DIY programmes where they are finishing off as the owners walk up the path!
Like one of those programmes we made it by the skin of our teeth, drove back to my house and were so tired yesterday it took us all day to recover! During our recovery we looked into the how's of transporting llamas to France and considered how we might  do it and whether it would be possible! I eventually phoned the seller of the llamas in the evening only to be told that someone had bought them that afternoon! Well I was a little disappointed but also relieved as logistically it would have been a nightmare!  However, what it did was re-ignite the llama flame and for that I am grateful!


Chairman Bill said...

We had about half a dozen in a field near us. They disappeared a couple of months ago. Cotswold llamas, by the look of them.

Val said...

We thought about bringing llamas from the UK when we moved here, and were put off by the complexities and costs. We ended up buying them in France instead, through lucky happenstance.

You don't have to leap in at the deep end with a whole herd - you could start with a few and get more when you're more confident with them, and have a better idea of what it's actually like to own llamas.

We could sell you some of ours if you like. A couple to start with, and then some more a bit later (particularly if we are ready for a change in life direction at that point, which is possible). We could transport them to you too, which would make things easier, and do things to your preferred time-scale, because we are not in any hurry.

Let us know if you want to explore the possibilities.

Michael House said...

so pleased the llama flame is relit!