Monday, 6 December 2010

D (for departure) Day

Well, we've gone and done it! We've booked the ferry crossing for Friday morning. Over the past week the house has got emptier. Yesterday I gave away my bed frame and now we are sleeping on the floor. This evening the dining table and chairs went to a good home.. The kitchen is half packed, most of my clothes are in a suitcase and the cat has definitely realised that something is up!

We have no snow here but tomorrow we are driving up to  London the get the trailer, and that is still snowed in. I think we will have to do some digging.

I still don't know whether everything will fit in the trailer, van and car but I suppose we will sort out that problem if and when it happens.

Am I exited yet? Well, I don't really know. Sometimes I feel a twinge but then I think of all the things to do between now and getting on the ferry and I have to put my excitement to one side. Maybe when we are driving to the port I will feel a bit exited?

The journey down will take two days as we are driving slowly and in convoy. Thursday night we are having fish and chips at home, Friday night we are eating in a hotel. The hotel is cat friendly and will let us keep Mandi in the room in his crate.Mandi has a very special travel crate designed for a small dog so that he will have room to move around a little.

By Saturday evening we should be in the house..


Chairman Bill said...

Good luck old girl - hope it all goes smoothly for you both.

Michael House said...

yes, good luck, I shall be thinking of you on Friday!

Val said...

I will keep my fingers crossed for you on Friday (and Saturday). May your trailer keep all its wheels, may your cat not run off and hide just before you are due to leave, and may the snow stay away from your roads until you have landed safely in your new life.

Lovely's Blot said...

Thanks for all your wishes! Indeed Val, those very thoughts had crossed my mind, which is why we booked the optional travel insurance when we booked the crossing just in case we don't make it!