Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Eiger vanishes!

After another day working with the digger and dumper the Eiger; the pile of earth that has blighted our view since the house was dug, has now gone! For the first time we can see the whole of the front garden and the view across the fields and slowly we look less and less like a building site.

The contents of the Igor are now spread behind the house, where the pool is to be dug. The pool arrives on the 21st June so the hole must be dug by then and we are a little short of soil in the right places. We are also  doing rain dances as we speak as we really need the ground to pack down before we start. Today we watched the storm clouds circle us but went straight past and left us high and dry! My veggie patch needs a good downpour to thrive and we are expecting a storm in the next two days.

In the meantime I decided to go for a swim!

PS: Just been old that it is The Eiger and not Igor!


Chairman Bill said...

A pool? That's rather decadent, ain't it? Especially with global warming and France about to turn into a desert, by all accounts.

Lovely's Blot said...

No option I'm afraid.. it was a pool or a fire hydrant and they both cost about the same! Yes, we are rather desert like at the momment with no rain really since March and then it wasn't much. Memories of the long hot summer of 76? Some of us have seen it before!