Sunday, 1 May 2011


Just back from a few days in Bordeaux. This was partly for work and partly for pleasure! I had two days of teaching but had accidently booked the wrong night in the hotel, and as I had paid for it on-line I was unable to cancel, so in the end Ian and I decided to spend a rare evening off in Bordeaux together. It was a nice evening; the weather was mild and sunny, the bars were crowded and full of young trendy people. Bordeaux centre is definately a place for young people! I also enjoyed my teaching. It had been about 6 weeks since my last visit and so I had forgotten what it was like and how much I benefit from the intellectual stimulation, even if it is only on an occasional basis. So the first realisation was that as much as I love the country life I do need the occasional trips into something more lively to keep me up to date and current and, that somewhere is only 2 hours away.

On Saturday we spent the morning trying to buy a bath and in the afternoon we paid a visit to the very pregnant Australian Cattle dog, so that we could get a feel for the breed and an idea of what we will need to do. I was not dissapointed. The dogs were smaller than I thought (a little smaller than a border collie) inquisitive, very dingo like and with personality. We did realise however, that we will need to build a secure dog pen before we get the puppy, as we will not be able to fence in the whole garden at this point. This year, all pedigree dogs must have names starting with 'G', which put paid to our plans to call it Carla. We thought about it some more and I am quite keen on the name 'Gaga' as in Lady Gaga. Ian likes the idea of teaching it to howl along to 'Bad Romance'!


Chairman Bill said...

How about Grrrrrr?

Michael House said...

how bizarre, why must they have a name begining with G?

Lovely's Blot said...

Well I suppose at home we can call it what we want.. but as its a pedigree it has to have an official name and that name indicates the year it was born.. so all dogs born in 2011 have to have a 'pedigree' name starting with year it will be H and so on.. Most people seem to ignore the official name when choosing an 'everyday' name but if we could combine a bit of both it might be easier..
The name also includes the name of the Kennel.. so it will something like
Ridgedy Didge Golden and Good 'AKA Gaga!