Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Coldest winter since 1985

9.45 at night and the temperature guage reads minus 9 degrees, which means that the real temperate is more like minus 12 degrees. The cold spell continues and the snow is still around and now unlikely to go until next week. By now most of us have given up trying to work as it is a full time job keeping warm. The farmer came round this morning with his snow chains on the car and checked we were okay. It was too cold for him to work in the vines and after he left us he rescued our neighbours who got stuck on the way to town.

Yesterday one of the other farmers attempted to clear the communal roads with a snow plough on his tractor. We managed to drive into town yesterday and did some shopping and we have enough provisions to last for a while (as do most people!),

Our elderly neighbour, Madame Delgrano, invited us over for coffee this afternoon. She had made a tarte au pomme and served that with coffee and Sangria. I think we helped her to feel less isolated this afternoon.

I will be glad when it warms up.

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