Sunday, 13 January 2013


2013 has got off to a sluggish start in terms of blogging, but in fact most of last year was a little slow. My postings appear to have dwindled to 2-3 a month and have mainly focused on progress reports of the house interrupted by dealing with the death of my mother.

So, it's the time of year to reflect on where the blog is going for the next 12 months. I discovered Sepia Saturday and like the idea of contributing to it for the next year. I have 'inherited' a whole load of family photos from my mother and at the moment they are sitting in a big box. Some have been scanned but there are lots more! I have always liked the idea of recording family history. Who knows but someone might find it interesting and of value in the future, and if not I will just enjoy the telling! However, I don't want the blog to become just a reflection on the past, so I will try and also keep posting updates and thoughts on the present. I might try and make them more visual by incorporating more of my own photos, as I practise with my new camera.

So, here's looking forward to a new year in colour, sepia and maybe even some black and white!

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