Sunday, 3 June 2007

My shopping list

I was watching TV Saturday and there was a conversation about what people in the future may want to know about us. The debate went something like they would bombarded with information about our technology, poems, achievements etc through the Internet but the details of our everyday lives, such as what we ate and what we bought would be lost. In order to make sure that there is a record of the mundane bits of my life I am adding the details of a shopping list I found in my bag! Feel free to read no further as this is really for the benefit future generations!

organic juice
fresh milk (6litres)
Vanilla Ice cream
Britvic J2O (2 packs of 4- a fruit juice drink)
8 salmon fillets
Lurpak spread (Like butter)
Anchor Spread (also like butter)
Olive oil
Romaine lettuce
Raspberry Vinegar
Organic bread
A bunch of tulips
1 lime
1 red pepper
2 lemons
1 cantaloupe melon
Penne Pasta (packet)
Organic spring onions
Baby new potatoes
Tomatoes on the vine
Organic cherry tomatoes (reduced price)
1 litre coca cola
bananas (2.95kg)
1 avocado
1 bottle thick bleach

The total bill was £48.87 and the shopping was for a meal for 6!

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Vanessa at Michael House said...

I am visiting your blog from the year 2364. Yuo must have had a lovely meal. But why did you need to buy these things, surely, with our hot temperatures since the world got hotter in 2100 we grow them ourselves, or get them from little delivery vans run on vegetable oil? I live in Scotland and grow my own avocodoes, this has only been possible recently i admit. What is coca cola, is it alcoholic? V x