Sunday, 3 June 2007

Part 2 of strange dream

I found out from my neighbours that on the day that the lady next door set fire to her house she went down to the hospital to ask for help and to be admitted. (She is well known as she has a long history of self harm). She told them that if she wasn't allowed to stay in she was afraid that when her husband went to work that night she would set fire to the house. She was sent home and after dropping off her baby at her mothers she went back to her house and did exactly what she had threatened earlier. She is now locked up somewhere on remand, miles away from her family. I don't know whether she does have a treatable mental illness and whether she should have been admitted but from my point of view she obviously was a serious risk to herself and others and my understanding of the mental health act is that that is the criteria for admission. Perhaps someone made a wrong judgement or perhaps I don't know the full story but whatever the truth the consequence is that she is probably now in about the worst place she could be for her and her family.


Vanessa at Michael House said...

Very sad, and probably all too common, though usually not with such dire outcome i hope. Balancing 'threats' and risk may have come into decision not to admit,perhaps she had made the same threat many times, who knows? We don't know the full story, probably the hospital staff didn't have the full picture either.

Lovely's Blot said...

that was my thought really..what a sad outcome.