Wednesday, 2 January 2008

A typical Christmas break

Well, the Christmas and New Year celebrations are over for another year! Mostly it is a bit of a relief as what it really means is 10 days of driving here, there and everywhere, picking up various relatives and dropping them off at others, trying to make sure you remember your presents and give them to the right people and trying not too spend too much money! We drove my mother (and her knees) over to Ian's sister on Christmas day and then in the evening we drove her and Ian's mother back to London, where we spent Boxing day. I then drove my mother back to her house the following day and then drove back to Ian's! The day after that we both went down to Eastbourne and then on Sunday we drove up to Tunbridge Wells to do a bike ride and then back to London. On New Years Eve we drove over to my brothers where we met up with him, his family and my sister and then we went out (and I got very drunk!). Yesterday my brother drove up to pick up my mum and brought her back for dinner and in the evening my sister drove her back and we both drove back to Ian's house! (I was still hung over!)

Our carbon footprint for the period was considerable!


Michael House said...

Happy New Year. The secret to a low carbon footprint over Christmas and New Year, is to let others come to you and go nowhere. We were hectic over Christmas with guests, then had a very quiet New Year. Vanessa x

Lovely's Blot said...

How I look forward to that day! Happy New Year to you as well! Hope it is a good one.