Monday, 15 June 2009

Initial discomfort

Ian and I are quite different in some ways. I like to clearly see where I am going and like to know how things will work. If the situation changes as I go on then I am quite good at adapting but I like to see the plan. Ian on the other hand is happy to visualise the end product and what is happening today but doesn't need to have all the details filled out in between. I think you need that kind of approach to build a house as I would never have got off of base if it was up to me. However, the down side is that at times, when things seem to get stuck, Ian gets fed up. Fortunately I am quite good at seeing the positives at these times so, unless we both happen to be low at the same time, we generally keep each other going.

For the past week Ian has been a little demotivated and I have been trying to look for positives. We were discussing these issues at the weekend and both agreed that things are quite hard in that we have our houses 60 miles apart, both houses are in need of some work before we can sell/rent them, we both have busy and demanding jobs and we are trying to co-ordinate and work on a home that is a 12 hour drive away (and we do not have enough money to just give it all up and go now). We agreed that this really was too much for anyone, although we still have a clear view of where we want to be in the end that keeps us going. The problem is we both want to be there now and our respective houses no longer feel like home. 'Home' has become a building site in France. This is in a way a great feeling as it means that our spiritual selves have shifted in the right direction but unfortunately our physical selves cannot join them just yet (causing a little bit of discomfort).

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Simon said...

At least you both seem to be clear that you are heading towards the life in France. When you are settled there, all the current frustrations and difficulties will seem unimportant - so trust to the Universe and keep on going!