Monday, 1 June 2009

Girl with power tool

While Ian was plaster boarding I had a go with the power tools. I quite enjoyed strimming (well Ian calls it a brush cutter and says that strimmers are smaller and what you use in garden but it looked like a strimmer to me!). Health and Safety man would have been proud of me in my Kevlar gloves, hard hat, ear protectors, face guard, steel capped boots, heavy duty trousers and dust mask (I am allergic to grass pollen!) The only problem was that it was 30 degrees and after 20 minutes I was in danger of collapsing with heat exhaustion!
(PS. Lets see how many accidental hits I get with this title. I am sure they will not be looking for a picture of me with a strimmer!)


Chairman Bill said...

Hah! Just what I was doing on Sunday - sans protective clothing and goggles (used shorts and crocks instead).

Caravan has to be moved off the build plot shortly, and so I'm creating a garden in the jungle further up the field - just where the caravan is going to be reloacted.

Alphonse Daigle said...

Haha! You should have taken a water break every 20 minutes to avoid heat exhaustion. Anyway, it’s nice to see you all protected on that picture, my friend. Safety gears are really important especially in doing difficult tasks like strimming in order to protect you from having eye irritation, cuts and severe wounds. Great job!

Alphonse Daigle