Thursday, 28 May 2009


Another quick post while Ian is in the shower. Our living arrangements are quite basic but adequate. We have an airbed carefully balanced on two pallettes, a camping stove, a kitchen work surface consisting of a piece of hardboard (that will eventually go into the fabric of the house) on trestles, a washing bowl and porta-potty. What we don't have is running water to the house. This morning I was thinking about what a chore it was to collect water from the tap and walk 50 metres to the house when I thought about people without water where the women walk 4 miles a day to collect their water and carry it back on their heads! What weak feeble people we are here in the West.

Added later: Here are some pictures of our 'kitchen'

and 'bedroom'


Simon said...

Surprising how quickly one can adjust to relatively primitive conditions. After moving, we had three weeks without a flushing toilet. Mind you, I do now relish that simple button push, compared to the slog of collecting a bucket of water each time. It's good not to take such things for granted!

Michael House said...

plenty of bottles in the kitchen i see!

Lovely's Blot said...

Yes but mostly presents for others!