Tuesday, 12 May 2009

No stopping the ladies

I went swimming this morning for the first time since the changing rooms at the gym have been upgraded. The ladies who don't get their hair wet were still there, walking up and down the fast lane, chatting to each other leisurely at each end and sometimes in the middle as well. Overheard in the changing room from a group of ladies:

"Hello Maud. You are looking a shadow of your former self. Have you lost weight?"

"Yes, I'm down to a size 16 and I haven't been that for over 30 years"

"Oh, well done..." (Maud leaves)

"Didn't she look well?"

"Yes, but she's lost the weight that quickly she'll probably put it straight back on.."

You're probably right. Don't you just hate these new changing rooms? There's nowhere to put your things!"

(I should add here the new changing rooms are luxurious compared to what was there before with large lockers, plenty of space, and clean and functioning showers!)

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