Thursday, 14 May 2009

Human nature

Elliot Morely's accounting skills were so poor that he 'mistakenly' managed to claim for a £16,000 mortgage that he had already paid. Of course we don't believe that at all, but if it were true for one moment what would it say about the level of competence of government ministers?! Thank God he was only doing something as unimportant as climate change minister! Clare Short, on the other hand was a member of the cabinet in 2006 when she claims she made an 'honest mistake' in over-claiming £8,000 in expenses for her second home. I can't help thinking that if I made an 'honest mistake' on that scale I would be out of a job and struck off the professional register and if my neighbours happen to "forget" to tell the Benefits Agency that they worked a few nights in the local pub while collecting their supplementary benefit they would probably be sent to Prison.

Another thing my father used to say was that Labour politicians always got caughtin the end with their hand in the till and Tories caught in bed with someone they shouldn't have!

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