Sunday, 17 May 2009

Planning the next visit

Monday approaches far too quickly! Ian and I are both in a busy period at work and also trying to plan our trip to France next week. It doesn't seem like it was only a month ago that we were there last. This time I can't take my bike as the van is full from floor to roof with insulation, copper pipe, wires, toilets, sinks etc! Good job we are not planning to travel by Eurotunnel as we would definitely exceed our 3 cubic metres of cargo. This time we will stay in the house. We have walls and a roof and windows but the water tap is up at the road and we have a temporary electric supply. These things however are all minor inconveniences. The main problem is that we have no septic tank and hence nowhere to pour the contents of the portapotty! Getting the builder to get on and install that is our next priority!

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