Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Time to relax

Time for a quick post curtesy of the neighbours wireless network while I wait my turn in the shower. We are 'camping' in the house and have now slept there for three nights. All in all it is very comfortable expcept for the fact that we have no flushing toilet or hot water. Our neighbours kindly offered to let us use their shower while they are away and so every evening when I can drag Ian away from work we trundle up the road with washbags in hand! I am sitting here overlooking the land with the sound of the bees buzzung away in the tree and the crickets getting a little exited after a warm sunny day. We are currently working from when we get up to when the sun goes down, after which time we collapse into bed! Despite the hard work I always feel less stressed when I get home.

More to come ...

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