Monday, 11 May 2009

All in a weekend's work

The weekend at home was just in time and mostly spent cleaning and oiling the decking in the garden and painting the shed roof. We did however manage a little a break as my brother and his wife came down on Saturday and stayed the night. We went out for dinner to the Cricketers Arms in Berwick. It is a nice pub which does a great selection of the local Harvey's beer and has an OK menu. The visit was a nice respite from work!

On Sunday we did more of the same. I discovered that it was my neighbours daughter's eighteenth birthday today and decided to impose one of my mad cakes on her. It was a rather hurried job making use of anything I could find locally but I enjoyed creating it!


Chairman Bill said...

Have you seen the Cake Wrecks blog (not that I'm saying yours is a wreck).

Lovely's Blot said...

I think my cakes fit the bill quite nicely except I don't get paid for them!

Michael House said...

I love your weird and wonderful cakes! Looks yummy with all those chocolates on it!