Monday, 4 May 2009

Bank holiday weekend

This weekend was spent with Ian in London and it seemed to fly by in a haze of DIY shops, gardening and jobs. I feel at the moment that I work harder at the weekend and on holiday than I do when I am at work, which is a chance for a rest!

On Saturday we did some chores at Ian's mother's house; consisting mostly of mowing the lawn. Sunday started with a trip to B&Q and Wickes to buy some laminate flooring for Ian's flat. Not something we would choose to do for ourselves but as we are planning to rent or sell it, solid flooring seems the best choice. Over the next two days we successfully completed the floor in Ian's bedroom. Of course, the part of the job that takes the longest is emptying the room, finding somewhere to store all the contents, taking off the doors of the built-in-wardrobe and working around the mess. Despite the claims that laminate flooring is a task that any DIYer should be able to manage, it still turned out to require a fair degree of skill from Ian and a good bit of 'easing to fit'.

The other thing we did was buy all the insulation for the house in France..a full van load of fibreglass rolls. We had hoped to use paper insulation but at three times the cost we decided on the more traditional material. I think that I will have to assist with the installation on our next trip to France.

So, now I am tired after all this activity and off to bed!

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