Thursday, 21 May 2009


Just time for a quick post before we are off to France for another week. Although we work hard it always seems a bit of a break. Our itinerary is as follows

Saturday morning:- ferry to Calais (must remember not to put in any cans of foam filler this time)..cooked breakfast on the Ferry.

Go shopping for wire in Leroy Merlin in Calais (French for B&Q). See if I can persuade Ian to let me go shopping for food while he is in DIY shop!

Drop off trailer with ton of plasterboard with Ian's friend Mike (something we agreed to do after he helped us for a week).

Drive to somewhere near Le Mans and find a hotel. Go out for dinner.

Sunday: Drive to the land, set up camp in the house,

Monday-Saturday: work on house

Sunday: Drive back via Mike's to pick up empty trailer and head back to Calais for an evening crossing.

Of course I shouldn't be here blogging! I still haven't started packing!

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Chairman Bill said...

Well, get moving then!