Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Overheard at lunch time. As I was walking along the street I heard a man approaching, talking into his mobile rather loudly. He was walking at a faster pace than me so the sound was getting louder and he was getting nearer and nearer.

"Hey mate..guess what happened?.... You know I got done for speeding.. well I'd just been to the police station to show them my licence right.. and then on the way back I ran a red light and I only got stopped by the cops again!!.. yes.. would you believe it! well I said to the copper, no mate, you can't do me again, I've just paid my fine for the speeding thing.. but he said he'd have to book me.. I said you can't book me, I pay your wages... but he wouldn't have it..I was saying to him like.. I bet you have to drink a lot of Horlicks so you can sleep at night.. I mean, I had the kids in the car..."

Then the topic changed

" yes, I'm on my way to the doctors..well he reckons I've got high blood pressure.. yes.. and I've got pains in my neck..and now he reckons I've got to be tested for this diabetes thing.."

At this point he caught up with me and passed by, still talking on the phone. He was around 30, overweight and racing around without paying any attention to anything around him. He may pay towards the wages of the cops that gave him a ticket but we will pay for his insulin, his amputations and his coronary artery bypass in a few years!

It was the fact that he was totally oblivious to the consequences of any of his actions on himself or others that amazed me!

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Chairman Bill said...

I'd put it down to the Doppler effect.