Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Past catches up with me

I posted earlier about our family reunion. My second cousin and I are the same age (a complicated state of affairs!) and as children we used to play together. My cousin was about 15 years older than me so when we were about 5-6 he was around 20 and apparently liked to try to impress his girlfriends. Now I don't really remember this bit but he didn't deny it so I assume it was true! At our reunion he had some old photos from those times which thanks to the wonders of modern technology (a scanner) and clever people (his young employees) I can now publish for posterity


This is me (on the right), my second cousin and my cousin. What better way to get a woman than to show your caring side either by taking your dog for a walk in the park or taking your young cousins out for the day! Here we are at London Zoo. It obviously worked as there are not one but two lovely ladies!

Finally here is a picture of my second cousin and me looking delightful!

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