Monday, 20 July 2009

All jammed out

I have rather neglected blogging over the past few days in favour of fruit picking and jam making. This year my blackcurrants and redcurrants were even more prolific than last year and I could leave the picking no longer. So.. last weekend I picked the blackcurrants and this weekend the redcurrants (3 hours to pick all the redcurrants!)

I have been trying to empty out my freezer so I can defrost it and I still had some of last years fruit in there. Not wishing to add more from this year I started on a bumper jam making extravaganza that ended up requiring 4 trips to Lakeland to buy more jars and lids, as many trips to the supermarket to buy sugar. The result so far is 42 jars of jam. I have jellies and jams of both flavours and now have to think of something to do with the stuff as it is beyond my needs! (I still have 2 kg of redcurrants to use up!)

This is just four of the 42!


Chairman Bill said...

Farmers' market? Oh, no, you'd have to jump through millions of EU health regulations - or would you?

If Fearnley Whittingstall can do it, then I'm sure you could.

Lovely's Blot said...

I would have to get my kitchen registered and inspected before I could sell it!

Chairman Bill said...

WI stall?

Lovely's Blot said...

Same thing.. if you are selling it to the public you need to meet all the hygiene regulations!

Chairman Bill said...