Friday, 4 June 2010

Another day, another breakfast

Hotel breakfast buffets are all the same really. Turins full of curdled scrambled egg, drying bacon etc, plates of cheese and ham, yoghurt, fruit....I find it all a bit overwhelming and I can never decide what I want. Whatever I choose never lives up to my expectations. At breakfast today was a man who looked like the incredible hulk and wore a T shirt with 'World's Strongest Man' on it. I don't know whether he was a true contender or a hopeful but he was still tucking into the third course of his breakfast as I left.

We are off to France tomorrow. I am just there for a week and then come back but Ian has tasked himself with finishing the concrete slab for the garage before he returns. The miracle is that Warren claims he has finished the fosse. He asked us to pay him by return but as he has spent 6 months ignoring our phone calls and emails he may well have to wait a little for his money!


Chairman Bill said...

We budgetted the air-source heat pum and underfloor heating this week. £18k - not as bad as expected. Not looking forward to costing the green oak roof trusses.

Lovely's Blot said...

Yes, I think our quote for the ground source was 26K (euros) not including the pipes so 18k does not sound bad.. We are going to buy the heat pump in Germany as they are cheaper. What company are you using?