Monday, 28 June 2010

Moving on

Ian is now back from France and taking stock before he finally finishes off his flat and rents it out. Of course he spent Thursday and Friday of last week looking at more pictures of heavy machinery. This time it was a dumper truck which he assures me he will need and an old ride on lawn mower (although we have no lawn yet!) Fortunately he missed out on the bidding which was a relief as I am not sure what we would have done with them between now and our next trip.

I got some ideas for out logo last week from my graphic artist neighbour, so we played around with them a bit and made a decision. All will be revealed when we have the final drawing! We are edging forwards slowly! Tomorrow I have my last French class.


Val said...

There's ALWAYS another piece of heavy machinery that they MUST HAVE:-)

(In the meantime, we still use the blunt garden shears we bought in England fifteen years ago, and 12 euros is too expensive for a new trowel.)

Chairman Bill said...

A man after my own heart. You simly don't know when you're goign to need a digger. As for the sit-on lawn mower - no man can do without one.