Sunday, 9 January 2011

Digger tales

While I plan my teaching sessions in the relative warmth of the bed-sitting room, Ian has been enjoying playing with the digger. He has been digging drainage gulleys to try to solve the problem of the subfloor flooding in winter. However, the thick claggy clay and his desire to make progress at all costs did lead to a few problems.

The digger was stuck fast in the mud, leaning over at a precarious angle and even the farmer's big yellow tractor could not shift it! Hmmmm what to do??

Eventually, after some discussion, digging, twisting, levering and groaning the digger was freed and lived to see another sunrise! Ian was happy.


Chairman Bill said...

We have the same problem here - our builder solves it by pushing the digger arm against the ground to lift the digger up, and then shovelling stuff under the tracks and driving off.

That only works fully if your digger is able to swivel 360 degrees, as it may be the back that's stuck.

Simon said...

My digger's instruction manual has a whole section on how to get out of being stuck in the mud.

I think the worst problem comes when a track comes off the drive sprocket . . .

Perhaps we should start a forum for digger owners? :-)

Lovely's Blot said...

I'll give you Ian's email! Seriously, he spent hours reading forums about how to get out of the mud!!