Sunday, 20 March 2011

Culture shock

My week ended with two more days of teaching. I have got a little more accustomed to the commuting and the contrast between Bordeaux and our quiet hamlet and a bit more familiar with the French students. I had an enjoyable session on Thursday but on Friday they all seemed remarkably quiet! Turns out they all had a major hangover from St Patricks day celebrations! I had noticed when I went for a walk that evening that the pubs and bars were full of people dressed in green. 'The Irish in France' I thought; but no, they were all native Frenchmen. As one of the students said to me, in Bordeaux we like any excuse for a party!

Last night, amidst our preparations for a week back in UK, we went with our neighbours to a small village about 35 miles away, where their friends were playing in a celtic band. The location was a village hall and the cause of the celebration was St Patrick. The music consisted of Irish jigs and reels (diddley dee music), there was food, wine, beer and dancing. One thing that struck me was that there were all ages there, from infants to old people, including some teenagers, who spent most of the time in a small room upstairs, presumably playing video games and smoking dope that had probably been grown on their parents' farm; but at least they were safe and not causing problems to the rest of the world! The children danced, played and came to look at us (as we were strangers) and we commented on how wonderful for them to feel that they could do this in safetly. All in all a pleasant time and we are not particulary exited about the prospect of UK, although to see friends and family will be nice.

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