Saturday, 18 June 2011

Pools and plants

This week has felt busy. Ian has continued to dig the hole for the pool, this time with some help from our neighbour. It arrives next week and we are slightly anxious and slightly exited. It is coming on the back of a lorry from the South of France; staying nearby on Monday night and arriving first thing Tuesday, when, all being well it will be carefully lowered into the big hole!

In the meantime growth in garden has slowed down a little due to lack of rain and sun. However today I harvested my first courgette. Apparently from now onwards I will be inundated with the little green things and by the end of June running out of courgette recipes!


clare said...

Courgette recipes - try courgette muffins or even courgette cake (very much like carrot cake) I liven up the muffins with a few blue berries (home grown too). Harvested first courgettes of the year yesterday! x

Lovely's Blot said...

Thanks Clare.. I made a chocolate courgette cake but it wasn't as good as the chocolate beetroot cake from the other week! Will have to play with the recipe! Hope all is well with you.. Sounds like you have done well with the garden despite the rain. It is still quite dry here so things haven't grown too well.

Chairman Bill said...

Dip the flower heads in a thin batter and deep fry - tempura style. Chuck away the horrid green thing that tastes of nothing.