Friday, 24 June 2011

The week of the pool

The focus of this week has been the swimming pool; checking the hole, awaiting the delivery, getting it in place, filling, backfilling, connecting up the filters and pipework etc etc. This is the story of the week in pictures.
This is how the pool arrived, on a truck from the South of France. It left Monday and arrived with us on Tuesday.
It was hoisted into the air

And lowered into the hole (the hole was 'impecable')
Our neighbours helped with the filling in with gravel (what lovely neighbours)
As the pool was slowly filled with water

The filters and skimmers were connected

And Ian went for a swim


Chairman Bill said...

You make it look all too easy!

Chairman Bill said...

PS - perhaps this post should have been called Pool of the Week.

Chairman Bill said...

Could star in Pool Weekly Magazine.