Wednesday, 31 January 2007

The ladies who don't get their hair wet

The ladies who don't get their hair wet swim every morning. The pool opens at 6.30 and they begin to arrive not long after that. They are of indeterminate ages. Sometimes they seem older but then sometimes you get a glimpse of someone much younger amongst them. They address each other by their first names and know all about each others husbands, children, grandchildren, pets, illnesses and hobbies. If one is missing for more than a few days the others are concerned and there is much discussion in the changing rooms. They know the faces of all the regular swimmers and I think they give some of us nicknames! If someone unfamiliar comes in there are a few whispers and mutterings as they eye them up and see what kind of swimmers are. The ladies swim for a while and then they get changed and meet together in the bar area to have tea or coffee (unless one has to rush off to an important appointment). They share stories and laugh and joke and then they all disappear off to their day-lives by 9.00 and the place is as if they were never there except for their laughs as they walk down the hall towards the exit. They sort of drift in and then breeze out and drift in and breeze out every day....

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