Monday, 29 January 2007


This morning I went for an early swim, but even at 7.00 the pool was busy! Before 8.00 the pool is lane swimming only and divided into fast and slow lanes. I am too slow for the fast lane but on some mornings too fast for the slow lane! In the fast lane people swim without stopping, and tumble turn at the end, and do alternate lanes of front crawl, breast stroke and butterfly, sometimes just kicking their legs with a float in their hands.Their heads are always in the water. In the slow lane the women sometimes swim and sometimes walk, and often talk to each other as they go up and down. They don't put their heads or face in the water. I am frowned upon in the fast lane because I am too slow and tutted at in the slow lane because I splash a bit and the ladies get their hair wet. I wish they would create a middle lane for those of us who don't want to swim too fast but who don't mind getting our hair wet!

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