Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Cat wars

There seem to be few cat wars going on around here. Mandi, my very neurotic and slightly strange cat, got beaten up the other week and now every time he sees another cat in the garden runs in and hides down the back of the kitchen cabinets. Next door has a lively black cat called kit-cat who tries to get in and get his share of dinner when he can and on the other side there is a tabby called puss-puss who is rather put out at the arrival of a dog in his home and spends time sitting on my windowsill and staring in (much to the annoyance of Mandi and Norma who hiss and spit providing the glass separates them from him). Then, there is the black cat with the scabby skin condition, the thin black and white un-neutered tom and the big bruiser black and white tom that all appear in my garden. There are three other cats that look suspiciously like the tom cats, a very fluffy multi-coloured cat, a fluffy white one, a chocolate point cat and British blue shorthair called Oscar (although we don't see so much of him since he had his balls removed!). At least 4 of these cats see my cat-flap as the snack stop to keep them going on route and while they are at it pee up the wall so I know they have been there! There is a lot of territorial negotiating going on at the moment and most of it is in my back garden! Also in my back garden on the newly dug out flower bed is the communal cat toilet!


Anonymous said...

I've got farm cats. About twenty at last count. They keep vermin out of the feed, snakes away from the place and thus earn their keep. However, they have a high mortality rate, falling prey to coyotes, bobcats, red wolves, and even owls when the kittens are running around the place. It would appear that English cats and Georgia cats have the same nasty habits, though.

Lovely's Blot said...

Nearest my cats come to a snake are the slow worms that they occasionally manage to catch and bring in as a present! Looks like our lives and the lives of our cats are very different!

Anonymous said...

Hum. That's true. I live on a mountain top in North Georgia. I think you must be retired from reading your blog. But, we both like cats and I have bad knees like your mom, so we have some things in common, as well.