Sunday, 13 May 2007

Walking with LLamas

On Saturday we finally got to go for a walk with llamas! We wanted to go a couple of weeks ago but it was fully booked for all the Sundays in May! With a maximum of 10 people at £25 a time for an hours walk we we impressed with the potential! The llama I walked was called Nicholas and he was three and a half and white. He was a little taller than me when fully upright but pretty laid back. In fact I think he was a bit of a nervous llama as he didn't like to walk too near the front or too near the back (probably in case a lion came and jumped on him!). He also had sensitive skin and I think it was a bit itchy as he liked to rub his neck up and down on my arm. I learnt that llamas are all different with different personalities. Leroy in the picture was a little mad and a bit bossy! Llamas, like all animals are primarily motivated by food and really saw the walk as a way of getting to eat a different patch of grass at every opportunity! They seemed pretty easy going up to a point, providing we followed their rituals ( a compulsory toilet stop at the llama loo on the way back) and they were certainly quite intelligent in a strange llama sort of way!

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