Monday, 14 May 2007

Sand dunes and nudists

Isn't it strange how the very people that really should keep their clothes on don't! One day in Gran Canaria Ian and I had a day off and went to see the sand dunes at Maspalamos. We didn't realise that the whole area was a nudist beach! I don't really have a problem with people who want to take all their clothes off and lie in the sun, but confining it all to one area tends to make it a bit more of an exhibition. What struck me the most was that the majority of nude bathers were well past pensionable age, had obviously enjoyed a life of ample food and had skins that looked like old leather shoes. In particular, the rear end seems to take on more of a toughened, leathery look than the rest of the body. There would have been a great picture if I had had the nerve to take it, of a row of naked and leathery bottoms bobbing up and down over the waves as their owners attempted to get in the sea! Ian and I kept our shorts, shirts and hats firmly on as we were wary of getting too much sun!

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