Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The perils of work

I have said before that my brother works for the Royal Bank of Scotland and recent days have not been easy for him. For the last few days his office has been picketed by protesters. Last week they pelted staff with snowballs as they turned up to work and today he was booed. He has been quite lighthearted about it but as his older sister I can't help but feel cross that he has to put up with this during what is a stressful time for him as well. He was after all just doing his job in the way he was paid to do it. If he still has a job in the future and people want him to do it in a different way then he will but I don't think he deserves that sort of abuse every day.

In the meantime amidst fears of redundancy he is making sure that all his health problems are being treated through his private health insurance before he looses it. He has an appointment to have is varicose veins removed very soon!

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