Monday, 23 February 2009

Ups and downs of life

My brain has been very busy lately which has made it very difficult for me to find the energy to write. (Or maybe I am just getting too old to cope with more than one thing at a time!) The weekend was spent talking toilets (again) and plasterboard. We are going over to France for three days in March to plan the next stage of the building project. Eurotunnel have just scuppered our plans of taking a van full of stuff over by imposing a limit of 3 cubic metres load in all vans for 'safety reasons'. We have been trying to work out how much 3 cubic metres is when it is not packed in a box with much hilarity and some frustration at the lack of clarity from Eurotunnel! Anyway, the plan is taking shape (it is funny how in the end it always does!).

I am enjoying my new car more than I should really. However, the tyres were worn unevenly and I didn't like the way it handled bumps. Ian is a bit of a health and safety man when it comes to tyres and recommended that I purchased two new decent ones. I like to talk about places where I got good service as opposed to constantly moaning about bad service and so we headed over to a place called Dartford Tyres. There are two places of that name but the one we went to has no website and is just a shop front in a small parade opposite a trading estate. The front of the shop was busy, the service was quick and efficient, the staff were funny and hard working and the prices were considerably cheaper than anyone else. You can find them at this address.

99, Burnham Rd,Dartford,KentDA1 5AZ

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