Monday, 7 September 2009


Ian came back from France to find he had no contract. While he was away his fate was discussed and he returned to an email asking him to renegotiate. After much thinking he has agreed to sign on the dotted line for another six months but the event allowed us both to reflect on where we have come and where we are going and to start the countdown for our life in France. In February he will not renew his contract and will concentrate on finishing off the house and getting our properties here sorted and ready to do with them whatever we decide. I will commute over a bit and then when possible join him; hopefully by this time next year.


Simon said...

Sounds like you are 'going with the flow', which is likely to lead to more happiness. Listen to what the Universe is saying - and you'll soon be living full-time in France! When are you going to start looking for your llamas? ;-)

Lovely's Blot said...

Well, I guess not until at least one of us is there.. so sometime next year.. Funny but last year I had a student who worked on a llama farm and this year I have a student who was French teacher..