Tuesday, 15 September 2009


I often get spam emails telling me that I have won money or inherited a fortune from a long lost relative. To claim my money all I have to do is send details of my bank account and password etc! Here are two good ones that arrived this week,

From Mr. Johnson Iweka.


My name is Mr. Johnson Iweka, a banker here in Abidjan, Cote D' Ivoire. I want to transfer $10,500,000 USD belonging to (late) Mr John Hughes who was among the victims here during the political crisis here in the year 2005. You can provide a bank account of your choice for this amount and also the percentage you wish to take for your assistance.

If we agree on the terms, you shall hold the balance of the funds on trust after deducting your percentage, until I will be able to join you with my entire family for investment.

Reply for more details.


Mr. Johnson Iweka.

And even better...

I am glad to inform you that I have successfully gotten those funds transfered to France through the help of a new partner,Nationality of Isreal but resident in France, I never forgot your help to me, be-kind informed that the total sum of US$2.700.000.00 was maped out for you as a compensation to you for your past effort and expencies which you made trying to assist me with my transfer that time.
Quickly contact my secretary Mr.Robert Jeffrey in Benin Republic at robertbello@hotmail.fr) and instruct him were to send your money to you, remember that I had already left an instruction with him on your behalf to receive that sum.

Presently I am in New Zealand for a business project with my new partner who make my dreams to come true, i will keep in touch with you as soon as i return back to France, may the peace of Lord be with you and your family.

Dr.John Mohamed Myers.


Chairman Bill said...

Love the John Mohamed name. As if (not Asif).

Michael House said...

They are comical!
There must be a great influx of 'newly ordained Greek priests' arriving in the UK They are frequently seeking to stay at Michael House, our 'facility'. they just want to make a deposit by card, and they also want to stay with our neighbours in their 'facility'. Apparently it is a money laundering scheme, whereby they will book and then cancel and claim the money back, all squeaky clean.

So far, we have met no newly ordained priests, Greek or otherwise.