Saturday, 30 August 2008

French Cuisine

We are now beginning to return to a more 'normal' and non-French diet! I know French food is meant to be amongst the finest in the world but whenever we are there we are always struck by the lack of fibre and the increase in protein leading to a seriously bunged up state! This must be a common condition in France evidenced by the size of their toilet rolls, which for me would only last a day but seem to cope with the average French bottom for a week! Breakfast of croissants, lunch of steak and chips and cheese or ham for supper (accompanied by large chunks of white bread and salads full of hard boiled eggs) does nothing for the alimentary system and as if to prove the point the French have amongst the highest incidence of colon cancer in Europe. Mind you, as if to compensate they have a admirable selection of yogurts with bifidus actif, guaranteed to improve alimentary transit in 15 days!

Campsite man Pierre-Henri told us that he ran two restaurants before deciding to run the campsite. His mash potatoes and vegetables were all bought from the frozen food man and boiled in the bag!

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Val said...

On the plus side, France has a much higher survival rate for colon cancer than England :-)