Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Pre holiday blues

I am currently in that horrible period prior to going on holiday! I have three weeks off starting on Friday. On Saturday Ian has invited all his friends from work to a barbecue at my place for which I am apparently organising the catering (as well as cleaning the house and getting everything sorted so that we can leave on Saturday!) We are going via Euro tunnel this time as we have booked a 'season ticket'; meaning we get 10 crossings for £300. We are driving down to Ian's friend in the Morvan for two days and then going down to the land. I am also preparing lots of 'presents' to take to the neighbours to keep them sweet. Whiskey for the farmer, and for a couple of the English neighbours, home made cake, jam, and English biscuits for the couple who run the nearby gites and tell us they miss them. On top of that I am trying to finish off at work and it seems that everything needs to be done before I go away! After yet another dreadful meeting today I told my close colleagues that the length of official notice that I give will be dependent on how those in power behave! Now I have unofficially been telling them of my plans for a year now but it does not seem to have impacted on future planning in any way. I am required to give 3 months official notice although as far as I am aware this is not legally binding and as I will not need a reference then technically I could decide just not to come back...

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