Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Il pleut comme une vache qui pisse

....or roughly translated it is raining like a urinating cow, which aptly describes the weather here! It started the day we arrived and looks like it will be with us for at least a week. Driving further south tomorrow is unlikely to make much difference as the low pressure seems to be affecting the whole of France! The dogs are depressed as they don't get much of a walk in this weather. Every time I come to France it rains so I am beginning to wonder whether the planned move will result in a sudden change to the French climate, making it worse than in England.

Tomorrow we are off to the land and blogging will be restricted by my ability to find somewhere to charge my PDA and the availability of a wireless network.


twosheilasandadog said...

Not good enough Lovely!
If we can manage to keep blogging in the outback of the Northern Territory, then failing to post from France claiming inadequate charging facilities or internet connectivity issues makes us doubt your commitment!
Bad enough that we are missing out on 3 weeks of H & S man because you have selfishly taken a holiday.
F & V x

Michael House said...

i have got so behind with reading your blog and with writing anything myslef. love the dogs, hope you have a less le piss time later on. V x