Monday, 27 April 2009

Slow progress but progress never-the-less

This time last year the builder had just emerged with his digger and dug the first holes and last August we were having lunch on our block floor in an imaginary dining room. At the end of the week Ian and Mike had successfully put up the walls and ceiling of what will be our bedroom and had made a good start on the kitchen and living room (and put in the ceiling joists for the ceiling in the tower.) At times it feels like things are progressing painfully slowly with no end in sight, but when we look back we can see how far we have come. When people ask when it will be finished and when we will move in Ian says it will be finished when it is finished. I think that is quite a sensible way of looking at it.


Chairman Bill said...

Eminently sensible - and prevents disappointment when deadlines pass.

Michael House said...

yes, it must seem slow at times, but to me, observing from afar, it seems no time since you posted the picture, now behind your title, of the view from your plot, and that was all there was, a view! Now the view can be seen through windows.