Wednesday, 8 April 2009

A (very) relaxing day

It was pouring with rain when I got up this morning and I had an early start as I was teaching in Brighton. I took the train and got soaked trying to get the parking meter at the station to accept my 20p coins; but by the time I got to Brighton it was dry and the sun was attempting to shine. After a pleasant morning I headed off further into town for my afternoon treat. I had booked half a days leave to use a voucher that my brother and sister-in-law had given me for my Birthday. This involved over three hours of body treatments, including a massage, facial, salt scrub and manicure in a spa in Brighton. It was the most pampering I have ever had in one session. I remember falling asleep and being vaguely aware that I was beginning to snore during the facial treatment! I now feel very floppy!

I walked back along the seafront. Brighton is much busier than Eastbourne, aptly named London-on-sea. I took this photo of the burnt out West Pier as it falls further and further into the sea and didn't notice the seagull at the time.

This view from the prom is how I felt at the end of my pampering!

In the meantime, Ian has gone over to France and I have a weekend to myself and a list of jobs and things to do that will take the best part of two weeks!

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