Monday, 15 March 2010

Dilemmas of pet ownership

I have had a dilemma playing on my mind for the past week. I was always quite sure that I would take Mandi cat with me to France but thought that probably Norma wouldn't make it, as with her advancing age and frailty, nature would eventually take its course. I then realised that to take any cat out of the country I would need to get them pet passported, which basically means a microchip and a couple of rabies jabs and saying goodbye to the best part of £150! It also needs to be done a little in advance (moreso if you want them to come back ever) and so the time was approaching to head for the vets.

But, what should I do about Norma? The idea of the journey seems cruel in itself and something she may not survive. After agonising about this I finally took them both down the vets to ask advice. I must admit I was quite nervous and I don't really know why. Maybe it was the thought that this was the start of the end for Norma.

Mandi went first. He had his rabies shot and chip and seemed quite happy with things. He goes back in three weeks for a booster and then a blood test. Next up was Norma. She was agitated and not happy. She struggled to get away (not like her) and generally looked stressed. The vet examined her and then decided that she almost certainly has hypothyroidism, and when I read about the symptoms it seems very likely. Blood tests were done, (Norma fought and struggled and I think the vet thought that she might pass out!) She was given some ACE inhibitors until the results of the blood tests come in and I am £202  poorer! Ouch! Still, it may be that with all this Norma will be well enough to at least travel to France and if not then I am hoping that someone will take her on a palliative basis for the last few months of her life. It seems to me to be a lot to ask of anyone but I have been quite suprised that there are in fact a few people that may consider it. People can be great sometimes.

(Of course I will be gutted about having to leave Norma behind but then I keep reminding myself that it is not about me and my feelings)


Chairman Bill said...

Strange how our lives seem to run in parallel. Kitty went for her jabs today.

twosheilasandadog said...

Cats can go on for years on hyperthyroid meds. The heart rate slows, they put on weight and appear years younger in a matter of weeks after treatment starts. Also treatment is inexpensive. I would hold off making decisions for a few weeks, you may well find that new improved Norma will be well up for a a new life as a chateau chat
F x

Michael House said...

oh, what a difficult decision to make, and to put her needs first.