Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Ebay addiction

Oh dear. My blogging has been limited of late by my obsession with selling off all my unwanted things on Ebay. It really has become quite addictive. Definately, the money I get for the items is the least interesting thing, although I do get a bit exited when things fetch more than I thought. I have started selling off some old clothes that my sister gave to me a few years ago and I never bothered to do anything with. What I enjoy most is creating witty little adverts, and describing the clothes in detail ("this dress really does not make your bum look big... this 80s dress looks best with really big hair"). Then, there is the careful packing required and the regular trips to the post office. Fortunately there is one near work so I can go at lunch. I am even getting on first name terms with the counter staff! My latest item to attract interest is my mothers old pressure cooker. I tried to give it away on Freecycle but no one wanted it and then I discovered that they can fetch up to £15! I am now eyeing up anything I see around the house to see if it has any potential value. Anyone want two brass candle sticks!?

Then there are the people who buy the items. There was a collector of Edinburgh Crystal, someone into vintage clothing and a man called Ken who bought my old black evening dress for 99p. When I emailed him I did not like to say 'thank you for buying my little black dress' in case his wife sees his emails and it is not a present for her!


The Spiv said...

I hadn't realised that I've (probably) bought your dress! And no, it wasn't for my wife, but she does know about it!!! I think the length of it would get wrapped around her wheelchair tyres fairly quickly.

It's actually for my 13 year old granddaughter who wanted a long black evening dress for a play that her drama group are putting on, and she picked it out from e-bay. It looks absolutely stunning on her and you would think it had been made especially to fit her.

I know it's way back in the mists of time, but I'm pretty sure that 13 year olds weren't built like that when I was at school...

Anyway, thank you

Lovely's Blot said...

Are you serious Spiv!? That would be too much of a co-incidence! If I'd known it was you I'd have saved you the 99p! How funny.. Like I say..I'm quite enjoying the ritual of it all!

The Spiv said...

If it was to Len in Oxon not Ken ... then guilty as charged!
Just to give you a laugh if it was you, my granddaughter told me she has got 4 of the girls in her drama group wanting the dress when the play is finished!!! She says that she's never been so popular and none of them are getting it.

Lovely's Blot said...

Yes, it was you! How weird! I'm glad the dress is getting some use. I wore it once to a wedding and I think my sister wore it once or twice but it doesn't look that great on 50 year old shoulders so it has definately gone to the right place. Hope she enjoys it!

Michael House said...

hahaha, what a coincidence!

I was addicted to eBay when I was selling my father's old phonograph cylinders. such a specialist area and i got quite a lot of people looking out for my listings as they were good quality. I got frightened when one wetn for a lot fo money and havent done any since, i can only take so much excitement!